As The World Converges to Honor Madiba: A Newsflash From Israel w/Brief thoughts...

The World will converge upon South Africa Tomorrow to honor Madiba.   President Obama and three other Living US Presidents will accompany him.    The Elder Bush will not due to ill Health--but I will never forget when Madiba First visited the White House and spoke for almost 30 minutes with no notes and talked about how he would see to it that the Elder Bush received a "proper briefing" on South Africa.  I never forget President Bush the Elder's face and how he remarked "remarkable".

It is true that he was not a Saint--and he himself will be the first one to say it.  Yet, The Israeli Prime Minister decided not to go due to "money issues".   As I look forward to watching broadcasts of the memorial tomorrow in Soweto, I saw this in Haaertz and laughed at first--but the seriousness of the indictment against Bibi underscores how he's viewed in Israel and how his pronouncements and utter disregard is so profound.    Will the World continue to take this man seriously or not?

Nixing Mandela funeral as too costly, Bibi shows world what he's truly made of - A Special Place in Hell Israel News | Haaretz
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