As 2013 is Winding Down: Some Brief Thoughts On Being Courageous

2013 is winding down faster than I can blink an eye.    It has been an interesting year.   One highlight for me today was spending the day at Microsoft and I reflected upon it in my "South County Matters" Blog.  It is part and parcel of the profound social change we're faced with that we either must embrace.

As I have been working on my extended "think hour" tonight and finish rounds on the "World Social Grid",  this latest "Ted Talk" Series on Social Change is quite timely that should truly give all a moment of pause--as Gazans are been flooded out of temporary homes, Syrian Refugees continues to suffer as War rages on and the people of the Central African Republic have literally no where to go and 40,000 of them converged near the French Military Base for safety.    I wonder as 2014 is before us whether we would stop being "insane" and start being Sane by being courageous enough.

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