Brief Daily Thoughts As November 2013 Dawns :-)

A new month is before us.  It has been a very challenging month as wars rage, politics in the United States have been ever so polarized and the ordinary men and women seem to be "lost in the shuffle".  

I was reflecting upon this as the new month has dawned.  This is the month in which Thanksgiving will be celebrated in the United States.   I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve Marine Families at Camp Pendelton as part of that week of service along with other Community Events.  This is also a month whereby America will celebrate Veterans Day to remember and honor all who have served.

The team @ Simple Truths noted this simple,yet powerful thought from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt because the essence of it was this:  We can only do what can to the best of our ability--and that should be the objective by us all consistently...

Onward to the "New Month" w/all its' possibilities :-)

Sunrise Inspiration from BestQuotations.com
"Do the best you can do and wait the results in peace."
 - Franklin D. Roosevelt

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