On the Tragic Comedy in Washington....

This is what the World thinks of America right now as I begin a new quarter in "Outsiders".

As I begin the new quarter in "Outsiders", I had hoped that the tragic comedy would end in Washington. Unfortunately, it has not. As the tug of war continues in Washington, the gradual shutdown of the US Government is continuing which is impacting daily vital affairs and undermining the full faith and credit of the United States and undermine the essence of Government by going after the President of the United States. 

Some of the impacted areas that are being reported include: 1) 6800 Food and Drug Administration Employees; 2) 3,000 Federal Aviation Administration Inspectors & 3) 9 Million Women in the United States receiving supplemental nutritional benefits for their children who will be losing their benefits. 7,000 Veterans Department Staff members are being furloughed and Veterans Services will be delayed and no one will answer the phone. This is just a sampling of the extent of the challenge. I personally know a head start teacher who has been laid off due to the first round of Sequester Cuts that continue to be in force with no apparent end in sight. It is also extremely troubling as the United States continues the War in Afghanistan that saw 4 US Soldiers die over the weekend as a result of an IED explosion. 

As all this drama continues to unfold in Washington, Iran and the United States broke the ice. I was amused by the Prime Minister of Israel's public relations campaign against the overtures by Iran's New President. Hassan Rouhani. What is also even more interesting is that both the President and the Foreign Minister, Dr. Zareef, are just as savvy and just as adept as understanding and playing the public relations campaign as the Israeli Prime Minister is. What was also quite amazing was the devastating editorial in Haaretz blasting what he noted at the UN--as I also note that the Israeli Prime Minister's own Chief of the Israeli Defense Forces opposed his bellicose stance against Iran. Just like anything else, The Republicans criticized the President for talking to Iran--as they have worked to block him every time.

The Economist' KAL reflected upon the challenge that Barack Obama has before it: 

When this tragic comedy ends is anyone's guess at this stage. The Economist basically said Enough is Enough. I couldn't agree more.

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