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This is a "new feature" I will be introducing weekly to assess the latest as "Outsiders" continues to evolve.  It has been an interesting week to say the least.

I begin with a hopeful development that happened over the past 36 hours.  Meetings have been held at the White House in Washington between the US House Republican Leadership and the President on resolving the budget impasse.    Markets reacted very favorably.   The punditry has alluded to a total collapse in the American People's Views of the Republicans and the stance they've taken against Obamacare as the US Government continues to be partially shut down--including a NBC News/Wall Street Journal    A future edition of the "Watch" will address this.    

Beyond The domestic US political considerations, there is the upcoming meeting in Geneva between Iran and the so-called P5 1.    There has been some major conservative push back in Iran as examplified by a headline in a conservative daily talking about how the Iranian Foreign Minister frankly noted how he was "wrong" to have had conversations with John Kerry during an apparent closed meeting of the Majlis (Parliament).   .    There were swift denials by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman and the Spokemsan for the Parliament.   It was apparently so bad that it caused a stress attack that caused the Iranian Foreign Minister, Dr. Zareef, to spend the day in the hospital.    He wrote about it on his Facebook Page.  I wished him well as I noted that the path he and President Rouhani have taken is right and right will prevail over might.

As I continue this "Virtual Mad Dash", I read a very worrisome article in USA Today on Alaska on Thursday.   It is about Alaska sinking as climate continues to change before us.  But, I was also encouraged by some sanity that just came out of France--whereby France's highest Court upheld the ban on fracking passed by the French Parliament in 2011.   I have also been quite amazed by reports out of Iran about the advent of wind farms.  This is as Iran continues to deal with immense environmental challenges due to the erosion of Lake Oromieh and the destruction of forests  in the North that has caused Fish Stock to be destroyed in the Caspian Sea.

I also almost fell out of my chair in laughter as I saw reports out of Azerbaijan that the results of the Presidential Elections got announced before polls even closed.    In Iran, at least they waited three hours in 2009.     That beacon of Democracy and Human Rights was cited by a US Republican Congressman, Dana Rohrbacher, as one who would be the perfect candidate to take over the Northwest Iranian provinces of the same name.  

Never a dull moment for sure...as I wish all:

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