View of the Week (9/10/2013): On the Eve of Patriots Day 2013

9/11 is Patriots Day in the United States.  It is a day to remember those souls who lost their lives during that horrific day.  I remember that day as if it was yesterday.    America has continued to pay a very very heavy price for all the wars it has fought since 2001:


        Total Cost of Wars Since 2001
        Every hour,
        taxpayers in United States
        are paying $11.26 million
        for Total Cost of Wars Since 2001.
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The President of the United States also spoke to the American People on the situation in Syria last night.   He reflected upon America's Moral Obligation to act.  He also noted that he would delay asking for Congress to authorize military action.   The World is against it and the majority of the American People are against it.    Although the Syrians have stepped up to say they will accept the proposal to turn over and destroy all weapons, the chaos on the ground may well prevent this.  Syria is pretty much in ruins after two years of Civil War.     The problem, though, is the moral standing of the United States as it supported Iraq and supported data to the Iraqis so that Sarin could be used.   The moral imperative Barack Obama talked about is undermined in a major way as Iran continues to be used as a strawman for War yet again.  Lawrence O'Donnell reflected upon it in his retrospective on MSNBC recently.
Barack Obama brought Iran into the midst with the arguments on the nuclear question and how Iran can retailiate.     He noted in the interview with NBC News that Iran will retialate--but what he failed to realize was that Iran's leaders are a lot more pragmmatic that publicly believed and the United States needs to remember that Iran helped both in Iraq and Afghanistan.   The United States actually supported the use of chemical weapons by Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War.  It was recently acknowledged by recently declassified documents.

As those who lost their lives on 9/11 in the United States, members of the US Armed Forces and allied forces (Poland; Australia; The UK and NATO forces) who lost their lives; members of the same armed forces who have been injured physically and mentally, families who have suffered as a result of the wars of the past 10 years and all the ordinary men, women and children who are dying every day--there is only question that the World must confront on America's Patriots Day:  Will Humanity Have the Courage to outlaw War?  

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