V-Thought 4 the Week: On Failure

As a new work week is upon us, such "reminders" truly give me a moment of pause.    The stories are inspirational and a reminder that no matter what the calmaity, the "Art of the Possible" must be the driving force.    Diana Nyad reminded us all of it with her monumental achievement.

Beyond the personal, though, I reflected upon the notion of failure that we should take into account in order to learn from it.     A quote from Cass Phillipps, the Executive VP of Failcon, was telling to me in how such lessons should be applied both in business as in life for us to embrace and learn from it:

1) "Avoid Blame": A Lot of people will say, "Oh, it's my fault. I can take care of it." That doesn'thelp figure out why the failure happened and how toa void it in the future.  2) Ask Questinos, especially as a Manager:  What do you feel happened in this situation?  Is there something you could have done better?  When you come up with a solution yourself, you feel ownership of itl 3) Make Failure a part of regular conversation:  Take timei, as a group to recognize what you're struggling with each day.  Ask each other, What are your challenges today?  What is making you most nervous?  That gets everyone talking and makes any future conversation about bigger struggles that much easier.."

Accepting and learning from it is the key and remember to continue "Onward"--and be stronger for it :-)

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