Reflections of a Tragic Day in Washington....

As I begin a new week in "Outsiders", I wanted to begin with commentary on the upcoming struggle on the debt ceiling and government funding as the new Federal fiscal year  is before us. But the tragedy of September 16 in Washington has prompted me to reflect upon this day.

America woke up Monday Morning to another mass shooting. What was different about this one was that it was in the nation's capital, Washington. It was at the Washington Navy Yard that is home to the Naval Sea Systems Command. As I comment on this, US Media is continuing its' coverage and comments on what happened today. There has been extensive discussions on the shooter's background and affiliations. What I see is a man who was clearly disturbed--and that mental state had an extremely tragic ending on Monday.

I was very hopeful that Sandy Hook would shock America to transform itself. It did not happen because the Gun Lobby prevailed. Two State Senators in the US State of Colorado who voted for Gun Control were recalled because they had the courage to take a stand. The prevailing view that somehow Guns protect rights and freedoms is a myth perpetuated by the National Rifle Association that seems to have no end. I would be curious to see what the NRA will have to say about this one. 

Of all the comments, I think the Chief at the Washington Hospital Trauma Center was the most eloquent when she noted that America had to change. She pleaded with America to get her out of the business of treating gun shot wounds. I understand from reports that the shootings are so prevalent that Army Doctors go to this hospital for training to be ready to deal with such wounds. She is absolutely powerful in this clip:

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Urban violence is a scurge--a cancer that should be eradicated. The question Americans have to ask is this: Can America finally have the courage to confront this? 

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