I was glad to see “Medium” Come online—finally!!
For me, the summer was nothing per se different than other periods. Except that it has been a bit “Hotter” than usual. But, being busy and engaged mitigated it, that’s for sure.
For me, it has been a summer of service. I served as a “Angel Pantry” in my local Catholic Church’s Food Pantry. For an hour and forty five minutes every other week, I saw families from all walks of life coming down to be able to support themselves. I would have not recognized them had I seen them in the street. It has also been a joy to have my Son join me during the summer months and see him and his enthusiasim.
Scouting has taught me to do a “Good Turn Daily”. Sometimes, I view myself as “Salmon” that swims against the tide. But the “Salmon” reminds us all that we have to be persistent and resolve to be the change we want to see in the World. The rewards may not be tangible—but they are there. I have felt it.