Remembering a Brave Soul: Masao Yoshida

I have been making the Social Media "rounds" tonight.   I wanted to share this I wrote about earlier while "In World" @ Facebook reflecting upon Masao Yoshida:    

A little while ago, I ran across a "thought" I shared w/Friends. on rising by uplifting others. I did not know how timely this was as this man who made some crucial decisions--and sacrificed his own life in the process...He looked fear in the eye and conquered it by not thinking of himself...a selfless act of courage that saved the World...How such men are driven to do the right thing is just beyond words--May his Soul RIP...
Our World is blessed when such men rise up to deal with such calamities.  I did not know the man--but from what I just read, it seems as if he looked death in the face and truly "stood his ground.  As I thought about his life and his sacrifice for not just his own country--but the World--I wondered how the  World can learn lessons from such a man and the disaster that continues to threaten the World Today.  When will the World wake up to the true challenges?

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