Notations On "The World This Week" (August 22 2013 Edition)

As I assess our World, I can't help but truly be "virtually breathless".

Four rockets were shot out from Lebanon and rattled folks living in Northern Israel.   The Israeli Iron Dome system intercepeted one of  them and no loss of life was reported.  Israelis, though, promptly responded by bombing targets in Lebanon.   The tragedy in Syria, though, continues to engulf the whole region.   The statistics are just staggering.

Lebanon is hosting 700,000 Syrian Kids.    155,000 Syrian Kids are in Iraq and 110,000 live in Egypt.  These are statistics that have been reported by the UN and noted by Britain's SkyNews within the past hour.     These poor souls are Syria's lost generation and it seems as if the International Community is in no mood to do anything about this epic tragedy that continues with no end in sight. This is as the horrific scenes of what appears to be a chemical attack on civilians in the suburb of Damascus has continued to raise concerns in World Capitals.

President Obama noted that if the Syrian Regime used chemical weapons, it would be considered a "red line".   Yet, it seems that many red lines have been crossed as The Syrian Army has continued to gain inroads despite some insormoutable odds.   Hezbollah's active and vibrant support has been absolutely crucial in this vein that has seen to it that a peaceful uprising has evolved into a region wide war that seems to have no end in sight.   The "noise" from all around the International Community is that something must be done.     Will they impose the "Iraq Solution"?     Iraq is not one of the International Community's brightest moments--as the daily bombings and killings continue to underscore.

Beyond Syria, there is the tragedy that is Egypt.   The Generals have been on a mission to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood.    Their impunity in going after the Brotherhood has been absolutely firm.    The reporting I reviewed this week shows of key members of the Brotherhood either under arrest or on the run.    Although I won't consider the back of the Brotherhood broken yet, it has come pretty close.      The United States, though, has lost its' leverage in a major way as Saudi Arabia has stepped up to virtually guarantee Egypt a blank check as it continues to deal with the aftermath of the Coup and the uprising.     It is a Coup--and anyone who denies it lives in a fools' paradise.   I have to ask--where is the so-called acting President?   The problem, though, is that the "blank check" will not last forever.    One of the victims who died was the 17-year old daughter of Dr. Mohammad Beltaji.     Dr. Beltaji wrote a letter--it was a very tough letter to read whatever one's sentiments are towards the Muslim Brotherhood.    The release of Hosni Mobarak, though, was another symbolic setback for the revolution of 2011.  

Beyond the Middle East, there is China.  There is the high profile trial of the disgraced politician Bo Xilina.    I have been watching coverage on Chinese Central Television.  I have been amazed by how the Chinese Government has been updating the proceedings and showing excerpts of the trial.   The Government has enticed Bo's Wife--convicted of killing the British Businessman Neil Haywood--to testify against him.   It is part of the horror that is now Bo's story.    As I have listened to the proceedings and analyzed the coverage, what is clear is that the Chinese Government wants to make an example of BO due to his position as a "princeling" and someone who apparently enjoys a lot of support throughout the Country.  There is also the publication of the so-called "Document No. 9" that lays out the position of the Party and how party cadres must expect to change and the move to embrace Mao yet again.  

Beyond the "shoe trial", there are more profound challenges China faces.     There is a debt to GDP ratio of 200%.     One measure of strength has been an apparent 48% Foreign Direct Investment inflow to have helped sustain the Economy.   Furthermore, there is one more key challenge:  there is no surplus labor left to help fuel the on-going economic growth necessary.   These are challenges that China has to deal with a its' population ages.    

Beyond China, there is another member of the so-called "BRICS"--South Africa.    The strikes that are sweeping through South Africa present a profound challenge to Jacob Zuma as he prepares for his re-election bid.   One South African political analyst noted that the Country lost its' innocence after Marikana.  Marikana was the incident that saw many miners killed during strikes for better pay.     Jacob Zuma created a commision to study and come up with recommendations.   It appears that it has not gone anywhere as another commision continues to probe arms sales that may well engulf Jacob Zuma himself.

As I conclude, I wonder whether a sense of anxiousness is at hand for the People of Australia as they gear up to go to the polls.  It appears that Kevin Rudd has basically conceded defeat due to the very lousy poll numbers.   Tony Abbott seems to be on the path to victory with a promise of budget cuts and even more tougher action on refugees.    What I have not seen is a debate on the future of the Country as the China Resource Boom is ending--if it has not done so already.

I conclude this "World Watch" with the most remarkable story coming out of Decatur, Georgia.   A mentally disturbed man walked into an elementary school armed with an automatic weapon and 500 rounds of ammunition ready to kill.   Yet, a courageous staff member at the School talked him out of it.    It was a wonderful day for the community and the country as this occurred.  However, the epidemic of gun violence is not going away because the National Rifle Association is actively engaged in undermining debates on Gun Control under the guise of 2nd Amendment protection.    I will be commenting on this as I reflect upon what the Economist Called the "Unsteady States of America".   One example of this profound challenges is a decade of drought in the West that may result in impacting hydropower for 700,000 families in the West of the Country.    

It is very much a challenging world especially as the Intergovermental Committee on Climate Change has reaffirmed yet again that Mother Earth is warming and water is slated to rise by 3 Ft by 2100.

We have to keep the faith--I see no chioce.

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