Brief Thoughts on another challenging & fascinating week in Our World

It has been another challenging , yet fascinating week around our World.    What Professor Dabashi from Columbia has written on Iran and the broader Middle East and the World is one of those "Must-Reads" as the World comes to grips with the ever changing landscape as Syria is destroyed, Egypt burns and the rest of the Middle East continues to be on the edge of the abyss:

The West is a career: Linking Rouhani’s election to US sanctions - Opinion - Al Jazeera English

What must be realized, though, is that Iran has its' share of profound challenges which has been brought up to a large extent by the sanctions.    The question is whether Rouhani who will take office as of Sunday will be able to move very quickly to change things.   His tone has been "interesting".  How it translates into action is the sixty four thousand dollar question.

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