An "Outsiders" View of the Elections in the" Land Down Under"

Just like many around the World, I have been assessing the Australian Elections with fascination ever since Kevin Rudd decided to call for new Federal Elections in Australia.

Australia has had its' share of ups and downs. That's increasingly clear throughout the ever-growing Orble Team--especially for our Australian Friends. What is clear is that the debate is spirited and the outcome is still open. What I found amusing was how their Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Outlook (PEFO) really put the Government in what I view as a reasonably good light. As Kevin Rudd noted, Australia has to come to grips with new realities as the China Resource boom comes to an end.

What was interesting that despite the slowdown in the Australian Economy, PEFO notes that the Australian Deficit is actually supposed to turn into a surplus by 2016. From the reporting I saw on the Sydney Morning Herald, it appears that the coalition that had put pressure on the Treasury staff to somehow come out with a PEFO that vindicated Australian Government plans.
I was especially gratified by what the article noted when it said that, "....Barring surprises, Labor's plans are all out there, and costed by the officials. It's the Coalition's turn now to level with us: how will it pay for its promises? That is the issue now...." Australians should take heart in the vibrant media that at least insures that everyone is held to account. 

It is bound to be a very interesting 10 days.

Also released by http://www.outsiderviews.com,  August 2013
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