Reflecting Upon a Very Interesting Few Days...

What has happened in Egypt is nothing less than extra-ordinary. Mohammad Morsii has been deposed by the Egyptian Military and has been replaced by the head of the Judiciary in Egypt. What I found ironic was that he was a man appointed by Morsi i and had just taken office within the past week. Morsi was deposed by a Defense Minister who was also an appointee of his.

Over the past 24 hours, pundits throughout the World have been deliberating the "why" and the "how" it all came to this. What was clear was that Egypt was on the brink and as Borzou Darghani of the Financial Times noted, Morsi was the wrong man for the wrong job at the wrong time. The economic collapse and the deterioration of law and order was the beginning of the end. Morsi made some bold moves and I noted this throughout my comments throughout his one year in Office. But his increasingly dictatorial tendencies and lack of regard for the will of the people caused the hard fought gains of the Muslim Brotherhood to be withered away by a broad coalition that ultimately led to the Coup. I agree with Al Sisi's statement that Mosri's final speech was not helpful at all. 

The speech by Al Sisi, the head of the armed forces, was quite powerful in that it featured all key religious and political leaders--including Mohammad El Baradei, the former head of the IAEA who emerged as a key opposition leader and was appointed by the movement of the young who began a petition drive that culminated in some 22 Million People signing a petition for the President to resign. 

As I write this, President Mosri and key aides have been detained by the Army. I saw an unconfirmed clip that depicted the now ex-President being detained by security forces. What is crucial to recognize is how Egypt continues to be a pivotal player. It is the preeminent seat of Islamic thinking. It is the largest nation in the Middle East and has profound potentials. Unfortunately, though, she is looking to at least one more year of turmoil before a semblance of stability is recognized. I did laugh when I saw reports of Bashar Assad and the King of Saudi Arabia congratulating the new Interim President of Egypt. 

Beyond Egypt, I have been assessing the situation in Europe. I have been especially concerned about the situation in Portugal. Portugal's government is about to collapse after a number of key ministers submitted their resignations to protest against future cuts which again has brought the viability of the Euro into question. This is as France and Spain continue to also deal with profound economic challenges with no apparent end in sight. 

There are also three key hot spots around the World that must not be forgotten: Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hundreds have lost their lives in Iraq. Pakistan just suffered the latest in a series of drone strikes despite protests again from the new Pakistani Government. As for Afghanistan, the Taliban are continuing their spring offensive. This is as a very insightful report recently documented the infighting within the Karzai clan as the jockeying has begun to replace Hamid Karzai as his term ends next year. 

The World is as eventful as ever--and ever more fascinating. This is also a day, though, that America celebrates its' independence and communities throughout the country will celebrate it with fireworks and parades. 

Happy Birthday America!!!

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