On Mandela Day: Personal Reflections

Today was Mandela day around the World.    As part of this day, all around the World were given a challenge to spend 67 minutes giving back to honor the 67 years Nelson Mandela spent working to transform South Africa.    That transformation continues even today.  This World Wide commitment was epitomized by this beautiful video:

I remember the day when CNN had live coverage when he was released.  I remember the day when he took office as the first black President and he danced in joy--as many of us did.   I was inspired by his autobiography "the Long Walk to Freedom" where he reflected on the long years of struggle.   I probably have seen the movie Invictus at least 6 times to reflect upon what he was able to do.  Although I am well aware of some of the "liberties" taken in that movie, the essential message is the same:  Forgiveness, love and compassion along with a sense of purpose to serve.  

Along with what I have come to know of Dr. King and Gandhi,  I have been inspired to do what I can to give back  in anyway I can.   In this, I have also taken the admonition from St. Francis of Assisi to heart when he reminded us that, "...For it is in giving that we receive..." Despite some of my on-going challenges, I worked on preparing the weekly outreach efforts for the Scout Websites I oversee to insure that almost 1000 scouts and their families are aware of the latest out there.   I committed that 67 minutes today and view myself as quite better for it.

Anyone can make a difference in their own way.    For me, that's the ultimate legacy that Nelson Mandela leaves for us all.   I have been gratified as I have seen the latest from the South African Presidency on the improving health of Madiba.    Mandela will eventually be no more and belong to the ages.  He already has in many ways.   May we all strive to have every day be Mandela Day in our way and may we all continue to strive for the best every day.

As I reflect upon this day, I close out this personal reflection with this beautiful tribute:

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