On Humanity, Maturity and a Moment of Pause

I was making the "rounds" in Facebook to see what friends were doing, how their vacations were going and see if there were any late breaking developments as I gear up for a work day of talks.    This was as I saw Doyle McManus' piece in the LA Times about how bad things are in Europe and how we in the United States have it good despite the political gridlock.

I was reflecting upon the predicament of the World as I have worked to develop "Outsiders" further.     I suppose there is a need to remember some of the key teachings of faith--including this one I ran across as I made the "Virtual Rounds".    There is a sense of maturity that is needed around us here and now for sure.   Suffism's teaching reminds us of it as it notes: 

Maturity cannot be achieved alone. 
There is a need for guidance and discipline. 
The path is unknown, the night is dark, 
and the road is full of danger. 
Dangers include preoccupation with selfishness, 
false visions, misinterpretations of mystical states, 
arrest in development, fixation in a particular state,
appeal to various drugs to create false 
mystical experiences, and, not infrequently, 
overwhelming anxiety and insanity.

How do we achieve it?  How do we leave a legacy?   These are some of the key questions.

But, it all begins with this admontion from the great Zardosht, when he noted:

The literal meaning of this admonition is:   "Never be angry, because an angry human is like a fire that would fire without control and will burn everyone in site......Always be gentle, speak beautiful thoughts and be to the point.".  He also was the one that reminded us all to "think beautiful thougths, speak beautiful words and act beautifully ever more".    Such is the essence of humanity today.   One wonders if we humans are capable of the most decent of behaviors.

Onward to the new week.....

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