Making the "Virtual Rounds": Daily Thoughts 4 the Day & A V-Thought 4 the Week-End

I have been making the Social Media Rounds for the weekend.  This is as I am watching history continues to be made in Egypt.    Marwan Bashara, the Great Al Jazeera Analyst, talked about how Egypt's 2011 revolution has yet to run its' course.   The country is polarized.  People have been killed.  The Anti-Morsi folks have noted that this has been an impeachment.   The Muslim Brotherhood has begun its' major push as its' Guide General (who was reportedly under arrest) spoke earlier. But, Bashara noted what about next time?  For now, the power is with the Generals.   I also am with Bashara in that bringing Morsi back is not the solution anymore.

Egypt, though, is emblematic of the power around the World as the entire World is aroused ever more.  It is not easy to be hopeful and motivated.  But there is no other choice as this "V-Thought" for the week truly indicates: Motivational Quotes

The Chinese always say for us all to live in interesting times.    We indeed are.   Power to the people!! :-)

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