As the March onward continues...Brief Thoughts 4 the Day

It has been an interesting week.  The world was focused on the birth of the Royal Baby as the country formerly known as Syria burned, people in Iraq died daily and the war in Afghanistan raged on.   This is as the headline in the US was on another transgression by Anthony Weiner.    Homa Abedin is a strong woman to have forgiven him for as she has.  I can't understand why a man even allows his woman to be in such a position is beyond me and to allow her woman to be disgraced.

As the week continues onward, I took comfort in this from the Great Rumi:

I regard not the outside and the words,
I regard the inside and the state of the heart.
I look at the heart if it be humble,
Though the words may be the reverse of humble.
Because the heart is substance, and words accidents,
Accidents are only a means, substance is the final cause.
How long will thou dwell on words and superficialities?
A burning heart is what I want; consort with burning!
Kindle in the heart the flame of love,
And burn up utterly thoughts and fine expressions.

Onward and upward :-)

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