As the Week-End in the US Looms: Thoughts 4 the Night :-)

Just like all around the World, I continue to be fascinated by the raising of people's voices in Brazil, Turkey and indeed, Iran.    All around the World, people seem to want to demand more and understand that the status quo is not acceptable anymore.    I was reflecting upon this as I assessed the aftermath of the defeat of the Farm Bill in the United States House of Representatives and how the Republicans were so adamant about taking more out of the meager support already extended under the so-called SNAP program.   I could not help but wonder if they wonder what is going on and how "ordinary faces" are actually dealing with the daily challenges of trying to eat.  

A lot to reflect upon...as I remember the admonition at hand:
We should never forget that after every night, there is a dawn. We should never lose our optimistic faith.— Amma
..and as I reflected upon this  admonition which was crucial for all around the World to remember--including our leaders:

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