Another Day Around the Middle East: Iran and Turkey.....

Iran is going to the Polls in 4 Days.   It is suddenly becoming very very interesting.    Rachel Maddow did a very nice job during her show Monday reflecting upon the election and the last minute twists & turns:

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The one that seems to be the surprise of all is Hassan Rohani.  He has been--just like the rest of the candidates--been a fixture in the Islamic Republic during its' 34 Year Reign.    But, the reformists seem to be uniting behind him especially as one of the other reformists, Mohammad Aref, withdrew at the behest of the Former President, Mohammad Khatami.    The key reformists leaders within the system have come out in support of Mr. Rohani.

The election is also a slick battle on Social Media as exemplified by this from Mr. Rohani's Campaign:

It is not easy to be hopeful in light of what happened four years ago and what the latest moves have been by the Government.     I wonder if the Leader of the Revolution will live up to his commitment when he noted that "I only have one vote".   Will the people's voice be heard and can there be a renewal this time?

Beyond Iran, I am right now watching live coverage from Istanbul.   The Government has made its' move against the protesters to clear out Taksim that has evolved into a nationwide movement.   Edrogan seems to have made the decision that the protests have to stop.   It is, to say the least, an utter disappointment because of earlier reports I saw that The Turkish Prime Minister wanted to meet the protest organizers.   It appears that the reports I saw and tweeted earlier were in vain.    The protesters seem to be putting up a valiant fight.  It is a very very scary scene.  

Never a dull moment....

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