Thought 4 The Week: Sending Love..:-)

A Nice way to start the Work Week...Onward to it w/all its' possiblities:

Send love

Instead of sending anger, send love. Instead of filling your mind with worry or frustration, fill your thoughts with love.
Send genuine love to those who support you. Send genuine love to those who disagree with you.
Let go of the need to get the last word, or to get even or to prove yourself. Send love, and you’ll find yourself living with unassailable strength and effectiveness.
Send love, and feel your anxiety melt away. Send love, and experience life at its highest level.
When you’re not sure what to do, do what is authentic, honest and caring. Move forward with love, for yourself, for life, and for others, and you’ll be moving toward good and valuable things.
Live a life that is real, and rich, and full. Send love, and live the best there is.
— Ralph Marston
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