On the Frontlines of the Virtual World

As the Political World has been busy, the Tech World has not stayed silent, either. It has been a very very busy month on the Tech Front. 

I was re-reading a Fortune Article dubbed The Future Issue.   The opening commentary was when the CEO of WPP Group was picked up from the Airport in a Google Car to be taken to a meeting with Larry Paige.   My eyes popped out as I reflected upon it.    Fast forward that from last year to now--and what has happened is just mind boggling.    Apple's  Tim Cook spoke at the All Things D conference dismissing Google Glass.    Google came out with another challenge to Apple that it has in the works to challenge the dominance (and yes margin) of the iphone & the ipad.    HP has been also busy with trying to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up with some rather interesting new products.  .  Microsoft revamped its' Windows 8 (dubbed 8.1) and I saw screen shots of it.   This is just the past 48 hours alone!!!

The more vibrant roadmap, though, was laid out by the great Mary Meeker @ Klenier Perkins.  I have noted it here..as I assess her thoughts:

Where will it all go?
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