Weekly Reflections of An "ordinary face in the crowd"......

It is tax season right now.  This is as there are Economic "headwinds" before us yet again.    This is also as we continue to be witness to challenging times around the World.    North Korea is dominating the headlines--yet I am not as concerned  about North Korea as I am about some of the natural calamities that have befallen us and will.    

Of all the events in a rather eventful week, I view the announcement by Google as quite poignant.   Google has again been at the forefront of transformation of the Virtual World as we know it.    Google has given those of us who have made a conscious effort to have a vibrant "Virtual Life" to have an opportunity to have our legacy live on.     There is a further level of responsibility that comes with it that is every more crucial to recognize.    I hope I will live up to this admonition.      I also subscribe to this view from Bruce Lee that is well worth noting--may we all do our utmost to do our best in this vain.

As I worked away, I had a chance to catch an old movie that I first watched over 22 years ago.   The theme on it particularly stuck me and I very much identified with the key message of it--quite a message:

Onward to a another challenging week while remembering this very admonition--with the prayer that I would work to live up to truly live up to this admonition:   

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