View of the Week: A Beautiful Scene on Easter Sunday

I had a chance to stop by the local Easter Sunday Servce at St. Timothy's Parish This morning.    It was one of the most moving of scenes--standing room only!!

As I left the Parish, I saw a family standing outside asking for help.   There were 4 kids with him as he pleaded for some help.     I was ashamed to walk up to him.     It was so interesting as I was making the Social Media Rounds and saw this admonition from Nelson Mandela:

I was thinking about this day today as I read an except of the Holy Quran about the need to continue fighting and not giving up--and remembering that things won't necessarily come to you--you have to fight for it.    As I dealt with one of the most challenging quarters ever, I had to be reminded of us.

As all celebrate Easter around the World and as many Iranians around the World celebrate the the 13th Day of Spring, the need to renew and emerge stronger is ever more.    I have continued to be amazed by the example set by the new leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis.   If only other leaders around the World, including the so-called Supreme Leader of Iran would live up to that admonition.

The need to revamp, renew and re-energize one's life is only human.     It is part of living--not existing.

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