The Need to Have Courage Here and Now

Today saw America coming together as it remembered the 26 beautiful souls who lost their lives in a senseless act of violence on Friday, December 14.    The stories of courage and sacrifice that I have seen have left me numb.    It also makes me proud to realize that there are such selfless individuals who give of themselves everyday and are willing to give their lives to protect the lives of others.    The 6 teachers who lost their lives will not be forgotten.   I do want to note that one Congressman came out stating that if the Teacher was armed, this would not have happened.   As I read that report, I did not know whether to cry or scream.  I have seen reporting of fringe elements reflecting upon this--but at least the National Rifle Association has had the decency to keep its' mouth shut.    

The President went to Newton, CT to speak for the nation.    His speech, in my view, was  probably one of his best speeches ever.   He spoke for a Nation that continues to come to grips with this senseless act of violence.     This speaks volumes in why we must change now:

 He also spoke for all of us when he noted that such actions must stop and must stop now.     I have continued to reflect upon it all day.    His eloquence speaks for itself..I continue to wonder if this can be the incident that finally wakes people up to lead the charge for transformation that is surely needed now so that those 26 Souls would not have died in vain:

On Sunday night, President Obama spoke at a vigil for those who died in the Newtown, Conn., tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school.
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