Personal Tidbits as 2012 draws to a close....

I have been trying to be optimistic as 2012 draws to a close.  There is not much to be hopeful for, though.

I just reviewed the latest from France24.    The outlook in France continues to be bleak and France is slated to be behind the UK in GDP for the first time.     The United States continues to be faced with the so-called "Fiscal Cliff".     There is supposedly a meeting later on Friday at the White House to discuss a potential compromise.   This is as the United States will hit its' official "borrowing limit" in a few months which may potentially mean another US Default.  The US went through this when the Republicans last went through the exercise.  Listening to the debates and the rationale is simply sad.   The American People seem to be "lost in the shuffle" in it all.

Beyond the Economic Debate before us, there is the debate over Guns.   The 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms.    What is unfortunate is that the National Rifle Association has used the Amendment to basically stop any kind of reasonable control over Gun Control by noting that it infringes about individual liberties.    The debate has been wide ranging now that the NRA has come out fighting after the NRA's CEO came out calling for Armed Guns in Schools.   Their latest public relations initiative is a media availability next week to explain their position.  They have also said that they will oppose any attempts to regulate guns and will not participate in the Panel launched by President Obama and chaired by Vice President Biden who has been mandated to come out with legislative proposals within the next 30 days.    The Gun Lobby, though, is too powerful . 

One very hopeful development occurred in Los Angeles.    The City of Los Angeles moved up its' Gun  buyback program.     It exceeded its' last full year--and one thing I found out was that Ralph's Super Market contributed all the Gift Cards for the Program.  Ralph's is a division of Kroger.  I am proud to say I have been a customer and this has reaffirmed my faith in their organization.  Ralph's is also quite engaged with local communities through its' support of schools.

In my daily "Virtual Facebook Rounds", I wrote about whether the Country has finally awaken to the danger of too many guns in response to a comment by a Friend.    This was as the Attorney General of Arizona came out with a proposal to arm teachers in classrooms:

Until the NRA continues to roam the halls of Congress and its' Amen Crowd continues to hide behind the 2nd Amendment, we will have a profound challenge. If I had not heard what the NRA CEO had actually said, I would have thought that somehow it was a story out of the ONION. We keep taking money out of schools, yet we somehow magically can find the money to put armed guards in schools. There are, by the way, School Resource Officers in many cities--includiing OC that I am sure Mike you are already aware of. As for the crackpot in AZ that Annahita Mahdavi noted in her thoughts, I really like to know what the AZ AG is smoking to see how more guns will actually help save lives..This is exactly akin to the MADD doctrine adopted during the Cold War--which was non sense then...we should call the doctrine that the NRA advocates to be so as well....I wonder, though, if I am missing something..and whether they're smarter than I am...one thing I know is this: The founders would be furious if they knew how that majestic document that is the US Constitution is being so savagely treated by the likes of the NRA and what Dr. Dabashi remarked as the corrupt band of politicians that serves at its' posse--epitomized by the crackpot who is the AZ Attorney General?

The debate  would surely not end tomorrow.   However, when I see Rocket launchers being turned in, there is time for change: 

The question is whether the courage is there or not. 

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