As 2012 Enters the History Books......

As I write this, Washington seems to be in a state of paralysis on trying to solve the current fiscal dilemma before it.   It is tragic and sad at the same time to observe this.   There seems to be no one who really understands and cares about the man on Main Street.    It seems as if all in Washington are living up to what Gandhi warned us all about:

When will we go beyond the narrow selfish interests and focus on the greater good?

Beyond that, of course, is how poignant was the Meet the Press Interview with President Obama.    The punditry seems to be of the view that nothing will be done on Gun Control as they are saying that things have to change due to certain realities we all agree with.      No one on the panel seemed to try and explain how having simply more guns makes American Society safer.  The  sheer lunacy of putting armed guards in Schools (aking to Air Marshalls on Air Planes) is just crazy.

Strangely, though, I remain optimstic as I wind down the year and gear up for 2013.    There are looming minefields to be navigated through for sure.   The need to be optimistic and hopeful is the norm.    I look forward to 2013 and the beginning of the "Year of the Rainbow".

Happy New Year!!!

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