Witness to History.....

  As I write this, the Palestinian Leader, Mahmoud Abbas is speaking as Palestine has gone for non-member observer status through the UN General Assembly. He's remembering the plight of Palestinians past and present as he outlines his bid for statehood-especially remembering the Al Nqba. He's right now remembering the people who lost their lives during Israel's Latest Operation: Pillar of Defense.

As he began, he received a standing ovation from the majority of the UN delegations. The United States and Canada are amongst the few countries opposing the bid. Their view is that the only way is to negotiate. They have been talking for 19 years. Yet, settlement activities continue. Yet, Palestinian families continue to be driven from their homes. Gaza has been destroyed yet again. As I write this, some 600,000 Israeli settlers call the West Bank Home in direct violation of repeated UN resolutions. Israelis have continued to hamper the peace process repeatedly--and the current Israeli Prime Minister has been on the record noting how he's been against the Peace Process.

As Palestine's UN bid is before the World, the US Congress has begun to make moves threatening to derail the so-called Peace Process. What is sad is how such moves continue to undermine the little credibility the US has left on the Arab Street. I was laughing as I saw Lindsey Graham come out with his latest pronoucements and threats. Lindsey Graham's concern about the Peace Process is laughable.  This is as he and others continue to stay silent on  continued Ethnic cleansing .  No one is above International Law--and men like Lindsey Graham see to it. I expect more from someone like Lindsey Graham who happens to be a lawyer. Human rights must be a universal right--no one must be different..

Will the World find the courage? It seems to be doing so.

Also released on http://www.outsiderviews.com 11/29/2012
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