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Released @ http://www.outsiderviews.com/what-a-week/4/, retrieved 11/15/2012

It has been 9 Days since Barack Obama has been re-elected to a Second Term as President.    The post-Morten on the election is continuing onward.     I have been assessing it and will be releasing an "Americas Watch" soon as I also assess the on-going transformational change in China.   The posturing has begun in earnest.   It includes a new broadside launched by John McCain and Lindsey Graham against the Administration in regards to Benghazi.   I found the tit-for-tat yesterday playing out on US Cable News Networks to be quite hilarious and funny.   

Beyond the shores of America, though, what I find dreadful is to continue to observe Europe.   Eurozone is currently back in  Recession right now.    Greece continues to burn.   France has stalled.   Almost 1 in 7 Spaniards are without work.    Although Britain in not in the Euro Zone, the Governor of the Bank of England warned that the UK is in danger of a triple-dip recession.     It appears though that European Governments are not listening to the street.   

Beyond Europe, there is the Middle East.    What I find extremely worrisome is the launch of Operation "Pillar of Defense" by Israel.  Israel killed the leader of Hamas Military Wing while he was traveling in his car.   Hamas has responded with a multitude of rockets being fired into Israel.    The Government has authorized the Israeli Defense Force to do what needs to be done.   As I write this, the Middle East Monitor is reporting that Israel has bombed locations near the Rafah Crossing.    One of the reports based in Gaza has just reported the latest list of Palestinian Casualties:

1-Walid Abadlah, 2 years
2-Marwan Abu Al-Qumsan, 52
3- Ramai Hamamd
4- Khalid Abu Al-Naser
5- Habes mesbeh, 30
6-Wael Al-Ghalban
7- Hicham Al-Ghalban
8- Ahmad Al-Jaabari, 52, Hamas top military commander
9-Mohamamd Al-Hams
10- Ranan Arafat, 5
11-Essam Abu El-Mazzah, 20
12-Hani Al-Kaseeh, 18
13- Ahmad Al-Masharawi, 11 months old
14- Hiba Al-Masharwai, 19 "woman"
15- Mahmaoud Sawaween, 65

In addition, the last report I have seen note that over 150 people have so far been injured injured so far including many women and children.     One of the Missiles launched from Gaza has landed south of Tel Aviv.  It appears to be an Iranian-Developed Fajr-5 Missile.    Egypt has recalled its Ambassador and apparently is cutting off delivery of certain resources and Suez Canal Access.    The problem is that The Israeli Prime Minister is facing an election and will not necessarily back down.      If another invasion of Gaza in fact occurs, it will further destabilize a region that is dominated by the Civil War in Syria, the sectarian conflict in Iraq and the continued challenge of Iran.    This is as Jordan has seen waves of Protests, Lebanon is unstable, Kuwait is faced with protests and Bahrain's tensions continue onward as the National Guard was deployed to quell the most recent unrest.

Never a dull moment.....
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