Briefly re: the current Israel-Gaza War

The situation in Gaza is dire.   Arab League has begun to flex its' muscle in a major way.   The Egyptian Prime Minister was there yesterday.    Egypt recalled its' Ambassador.   The Tunisian Foreign Minister was there earlier.  There is an Egyptian Parliamentary Delegation going forward.    Even Iran's Foreign Minister wants to go to Gaza if Egypt allows it.  This is in sharp contrast to 2009 when Hosni Mobarak basically did Israel's bidding.     This is as Electronic Intifada is on a prowl reporting out of Gaza as Israel continues onward with aerial assaults.   Electronic Intifada is reporting schools & hospitals are being targeted.  

Statfor, despite its' recent controversy  does some good work and some "matter of fact" reporting which I view as contributing to the discourse right now.   In addition, I am glad to see NBC's Ayman Moyehdin, who did some great work during the last Gaza War for Al Jazeera, will be hosting a Google Hangout.   I hope to join it 2omorrow @ 12 PM EST US.   Here is the link for the Google Hangout:


I also sent a quick tweet out on the Stratfor update earlier and wanted to make sure it was noted with this write-up here: Update on the Israel-Gaza Conflict.   What is especially striking is how Iron Dome has not been as effective as it has been touted.  

Will cooler heads prevail?
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