As November 6 Looms......

One of the best cases I have seen is by the long-time astute Middle East Reporter Brzou Daragahi.    He wrote about it on his Facebook Page and the comments speaks for itself.      He made the case for Obama in as straightforward a way as possible.     It will be a very interesting day...and a very long day!!!

Borzou Daragahi

I know some people find Obama a disappointment, and I agree with many of the critiques, especially on Middle East policy. But think about the choice before you. At least Obama is a relatively moderate, normal, well-read, well-informed global citizen. The Republican Party, on the other hand, has become a repository for demagoguery and chauvinism both in the US and abroad. Don't think of voting as some kind of transcendental, quasi-religious act that defines you in any kind of moral way. Think of it as a tactical maneuver to stave off the GOP's tide of insanity.
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