Living A Strong & Purposeful Life

After taking a bit of time for the day to rest and reflect after a day of service, I shared this thought w/my students earlier about living a purpose driven life. It is a bit tough...but there is no other choice: Lance Armstrong had a lot riding on his reputation. His story was so inspiring. He was so easy to cheer for and admire... But now it appears that's all gone. The courageous hero has been exposed as something much less noble, and possibly even criminal. For me, it always comes back to the powerful influence of a father,and it grieves me to see men using that power irresponsibly. More than anything, I keep thinking about what Lance is surely losing with his children in terms of character and integrity. That's where his reputation matters most, and they have to be questioning their dad's character. If not today, they will some day. This speaks directly to the Championship Fathering fundamental of modeling-setting an example for our children to follow. And it starts with dads, each of us, getting our act together. We are always setting an example; and we have to be intentional about making sure it's a good example. Men, we have to guard our integrity. We can't be too careful when it comes to doing the right thing. We should eliminate or avoid anything we wouldn't want to show up in our children's lives. I never want to be in a situation that would be hard to explain if one of my children showed up. I can't always control their choices, but I can do something about mine! Dad, you too have a lot riding on your reputation! Character is everything. For the full-length version of my thoughts on Lance and a dad's integrity, keep reading at this week's blog. http://support.fathers.com/site/R?i=5D6u3edQG2OE6Vo-uxXjLg Live strong, Dad-for real. Carey Casey
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