How Worst Can it get?

The punditry in the United States has been fast and furious in their "spin" of the final debate and where things stand.   Although there has been some "talk" about the declining influence of the United States, the fact remains that the US continues to play a dominant role as the IMF noted in its' latest economic outlook published in October.  It sounded a cautionary tale about the impending fiscal cliff.  The full report is available at : The IMF

As the United States limps along, there has been talk of the UK coming out of the recession.     What is unfortunate is that a one percent growth is something that should not be celebrated as job cuts loom.    Ford has announced that 4,000 jobs will be lost in Belgium and Peugeot has just come out with a major loss as well with a request for the state to bail it out to the tune of 5 Billion Euros.

 There are those, though, who will have the courage--this is one such man for which lessons should be learnt by the rest of those who are trying to figure out a different way to approach the challenges faced right now:

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