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I finished a "Americas Watch" In "Outsider Views" earlier:

It has been quite a month in the US Presidential Campaign. Millions are being spent daily and the Republicans just finished their convention. The Democrats, in the United States, are about to begin theirs. The Republican Convention was quite a show. It featured Governor Christie, Former Secretary of State Rice and a whole host of other Governors and Senators. I was particularly amused by how they laid out the case against President Obama. As I listened to these speakers, it seemed to me that life began back in 2009 and nothing that happened before 2009 did not matter. It did not matter that the US Economy almost collapsed, two wars were waging and the Auto Industry was about to be out of business. Governor Romney asserted that he wanted the President to succeed. I have no doubt that he believed it. But the action of his party left a lot to be desired. There were also many factually challenged speeches that all the pundits have discussed at length. The only one I had a particular problem with was the so-called "Apology Tour" that Governor Romney has referred to. I have not been able to find anywhere where the President has apologized. Beyond the "apology tour", I was concerned about Governor Romney's Five Point Plan. It includes his view of what Government should look like and the plan to restructure Government as we know it. The problem is that there are no real specifics and the broad layout of the plan in question is simply not adding up. They also noted that they want the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) repealed and replaced. I have yet to see their "replacement plan"--beyond the traditional free market ideas that seems to be more of the same.

As I listened to highlights of the Republican Convention, my mind drifted back to 2009 when Barrack Obama took the oath of office as President of the United States. He told the Country and the World that, "....We remain a long nation..but in the word of the scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things...". I reflected upon that statement as I heard John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, note how he would throw Barack Obama out of the bar. I remembered that admonition as I heard highlights of the Bully From New Jersey, Chris Christie, thunder away. I remembered as Mike Huckabee, the Preacher, tried to preach his vision. Someone once said that the vision presented was "Bush's Economic Policy, Cheney's Foreign Policy & Rick Santorium's Social Policy. The question is whether they will be able to sell this to the Country or not.

The issue for both men is not whether they are good husbands, good fathers and good men. I believe both are and both serve as wonderful examples for us all to emulate and follow. I also am personally offended by anyone who has questioned Governor Romney's Faith. In my view, the commitment to Family and Community that is epitomized by the Mormon Faith is something that all in the United States must learn from. The question, for Americans, is not whether character matters. From a personal perspective, I am confident that Americans will judge their personal character. The question, though, is what they believe and how they will lead the United States (and the World) during the next 4 years. During the campaign, there has been a lot of talk about whether the United States' fate will be the same as Europe. I'll be releasing some thought in a new edition of Europe Watch Soon. I would hope that the US Republican Establishment will take its' queue from David Cameron's Predicament as he reshuffles his cabinet and embraces a key realization that the double dip recession the UK is faced with will not go away anytime soon. The Democrats will now have their say. This is as the Economy continues to be anemic. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve has noted that the Economy is not vibrant and they will be ready to move as required to sustain the momentum. The Democrats will have a chance to make their case on whether they have begun the turn-around or not. What is critical is for the Democrats to create a vision of a "Smart/Responsive" Government. They have to basically make the argument whether the policies proposed by Romney/Ryan is a step to the past or to truly work to create a sense of the Smart/Responsive Government that becomes a true partner in the development of Society and insures that the less fortunate are given the fighting chance to rise up to the challenges being faced. What is critical to note that the Democrats should not take anything for granted.

Beyond the Americas, though, there are other notable events going on throughout the Americas. Occupy Canada is very much at the forefront of opposing the policies of the Harper Government. They have called for a nationwide movement on September 17. Down in Mexico, Felipe Calderon is about to be relegated to the dustbin of history. He leaves a very troubled legacy for the New President to overcome. 50,000 people have died in Mexico because of the War he started. The Country has become increasingly militarized and Civil Rights in Mexico has been destroyed. The Mexican Economic Malaise has become ever more. But I am gratified by the prospects for Peace in Columbia. It appears that the President of Columbia has moved towards peace with the FARC. The need to pull the rug from under the drug trade is absolutely paramount as the war rages on in Mexico and people continue to die. Source:
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