The "Daily Outsider" Update (9/6/2012)

Finished a "daily write-up" on the Daily Outsider 4 the Day:

Source: http://www.outsiderviews.com/outsiders-newsflash-962012-the-past-24-hours/, retrieved 9/6/2012

It has been an interesting 24 hours in our World.    Now that the Republicans finished making their case, it is the Democrats Turn.   Bill Clinton nominated Barack Obama for a second term as President:

What he did was word for word literally destroy the Republican rationale.  Although statistics  can be skewed, I would be looking to see how the Republicans will counter the case made by Bill Clinton.    To me, the best assessment of it has been Facebook.    The only thing I saw on Mitt Romney's page was how they told the World to "give me a break".   The statement by the Romney Campaign Press spokesman was quite amusing.

BIll Clinton did not call them a liar by name, but he basically called them out on the discussions on medicare and welfare.    Steve Schmitt, who ran the McCain campaign in 2008, noted that there is NO one on the Republican side that can make the argument that he did. Even Clinton Detractors have said that he's one of a kind.   Not  withstanding his personal shortcomings, he's truly one of a kind.   

The President will make his case for re-election tonight during his acceptance speech.   The campaign season starts after tonight.   I have noted that the President has a fight on his hands and it is not going to be a "cake walk".  But the case by Bill Clinton is compelling and the choice couldn't be clearer.    Bill Clinton reminded the country almost 20 years ago that the era of Big Government is over.   But Government can be smarter and the reporting done by Government Executive that I have noted here is a perfect example of it that must be told.

There is only so much, though, that a President of the United States can do.  Europe continues to be "anemic".  Moodys' just did a downgrade and there was further bad news.  Spanish banks have just received another cash infusion.    Deposit flights from Spanish Banks have picked up pace.    One key development has been the cabinet reshuffle in the United Kingdom.  In assessing the reshuffle, I was quite shocked to see Jeremy Hunt get the Department of Health portfolio.     There has been an apparent sharp turn to the right because a commitment to reform was not there.    There is also an apparent realization that the austerity is not working.  That's why there has been an apparent commitment for a third runway at Heathrow and a further 40 Billion Pounds in infrastructure spending to help jump start the economy.

As I assessed the UK situation, one thing I continue to wonder is whether the Republicans are studying the UK cuts and the predicament being faced by David Cameron.     David Cameron seems to have understood that the "old way" of cutting is not working.    Niall Ferguson talked about when Europe's Lehman Moment will arrive at America's shores.     Beyond Europe, there is also the Jobs Report that is due Friday.    

A lot to continue to reflect upon.....
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