Remembering & Reflecting

Remembering & Reflecting

: How can one ever repay those who have paid such a heavy price?
As I write this, protests are continuing around the Muslim and Arab World on the anti-muslim film that I have not seen and will not see. There is rage out there--but people are starting to speak out to calm things down. The Muslim Brotherhood has cancelled nationwide protests in Egypt. Libya has already arrested four suspects. The scenes of grief at the killings have been beautiful to see to underscore how the people truly feel.

President Morsi of Egypt was a bit slow to react. What may have pushed him was the telemundo interview that the President gave a few days ago. Some pundits noted that it was a "gaffe". Professor Juan Cole thought otherwise and it prompted immediate action. I also was quite amused at the Twitter Exchanges between Embassy Cairo. Each one of those guys must be given a Medal for how they've handled themselves. Other Governments have also committed to stop the violence.
As the Obama Administration continues to deal with this crisis throughout the Middle East and North Africa, The Republicans in the United states have continued to use this to go after the President as exemplified by Paul Ryan's speech before the Values Voter Summit This morning. I am also seeing reports that he's due to give a "harsh" Foreign Policy speech. I am sure that it will entail again talking about old talking points like apologies. Romney surrogates have also been on the prowl noting that if Romney was President no protests would occur. Does that mean that a President Romney would send in the Marines? President Obama has already done that--so I wonder beyond mere words what would a President Romney would do differently.

Today, though, is also a day to remember all those who paid the ultimate price. They include Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith and the two Ex-Navy Seals who served as Protection Officers for Ambassador Stevens. The Ambassador is coming back to America for his final journey today. President Obama, Vice President Biden and Secretary Clinton will be there to welcome him back to America for the last time:

May their souls rest in peace and may their almighty grant their families the patience to heal.
Also released to http://www.outsiderviews.com, retrieved 9/14/2012
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