Reflections Upon A Summer That Was....

I released this to the Troop 772 Website (Virtual HQ) earlier tonight to reflect upon the Summer that was (Summer 2012):

We have bid farewell to Summer and are gearing up for what is expected to be a very busy Fall and Winter.   Whether it is the Court of Honor, the fund raising goals, Camporee--there is a lot coming up.   As I am quite excited about looking forward, it is also worth looking back to a great Summer that was.
We were blessed to be engaged with our Community throughout the Summer.    I enjoy reading how our Scouts told us about the community engagements they were in.   I was appreciative of the scribes who wrote about Summer Camp as they did.   For those of us who were not able to make such events, we were able to share in the adventures as reported by our Scouts.   We were to be there through the images that we shared.    What such write-ups and events also was a reminder that the success that we enjoyed was becuase of all of you.    It was also because of the committment that we continued to enjoy from all community partners such as the Ocean Institute who were able to work with our Snorkeling Event Leader, Mr. Kuntz as he worked as hard as he did to put this outing together that resulted in some 40+ Scouts and Scouters enjoying quite an adventure that would be unforgetable.  As I read through the "Voice of the Scout" columns that Ali Zand and Ryan Harding reported, I knew that I missed quite an adventure.    In discussions with Mr. Kuntz, he reminded me about how it is the committment of all that make such events possible.    He especially remembered members of the Ocean Institute team who were so instrumental in putting together such a wonderful adventure for us all.  They were:
 Boat Captain Peter Hiestand
Leslie Kretsthmar Tour Director
 Brittany Loust crew
 Shira Greenbaum crew
 Mike Bursk skipper
 Barry Rosenberg crew volunteer
 Lee Gerig crew volunteer
 Jack Small crew volunteer
 Bill Steel Board of Directors ( who referred fo Mr. Kutz as Leslie)
We also were able to have Troop 774 out of Encinitas join this as well.   The continent of Evan Wright, Casey Wright, Vince Tori, Lucas Torti, Bengt Osten & Darren Osten had a great time and their note of thanks underscored how much they appreciated the opportunity to join us.        It underscored the spirit of brotherhood that is at the essence of Scouting which we all have a stake in to uphold through a continued reaffirmation of it consistently.     For me, though, there was one event that was ever more memorable:  The Fish For Life Cruise.
The Fish for LIfe Cruise grew out of an idea that an old and dear friend of mine had when he took the child of a friend of his who happened to be a Special Needs Child.   He wanted to brighten this special child and it just grew.   Such cruises have started in other cities.     When I had the pleasure to assist in representing us on July 18, I had no idea what to expect.   It was great to meet Jim Everett, the Former Quarterback of The RAMS.  It was just a wonderful scene to observe our Scouts who showed so much care, dilligence and understanding as they prepared to serve the special needs Children and their families.     As they came down the red carpet, they were the stars of the show.   The joy in their faces as their names were called and were greeted by us was beyond words.     As we set sail on what was just a beautiful day, I saw the love and care of the families.    Some children may not have even understood where they were.   But giving the families even a day of respite is something that is truly memorable.    It is such that makes our work as Scouts and Scouters ever more crucial.   I look forward to September 29 when we have been asked to again help as the next Fish For LIfe honors another special group of people:  those of the Greatest Generation who served in World War II and Korea for whom we all as Americans owe a debt of Gratitude.
Onward to Fall, Winter and Beyond with all its' possibilities....
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Written by M Pouraryan 09-06-2012

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