Remembering How To Live One's Life.....

As Spring is upon us and Nowroz is celebrated I paused to further reflect as I read this fable that the Pastor For St. Timothy's Catholic Church shared with his congregation that reminds us all of insuring that we continue to do the right thing:

A man possessed a ring set with a wonderful opal.
Whoever wore the ring became so sweet and true in character that all people loved him.
The ring was a charm. Always it was passed down from father to son, and always it did its work.As time went on, it came to a father who had three sons whom he loved with an equal love.
What was he to do when the time came to pass on the ring? The father got two other rings made precisely of sons in , spoke some words of love and to each, without telling the others, gave a ring. When the three sons discovered that each had a ring, a great dispute arose as to which was the true ring that could do so much for its owner. The case was taken to a wise judge. He examined the rings and then he spoke . “I cannot tell which is the magic ring, “ he said, “but you yourselves can prove it. “ “We?” asked the sons in astonishment. “Yes, “ said the judge, “ for if the true ring gives sweetness to the character of the man who wears it, then I and all the other people in the city will know the man who possesses the true ring by the goodness of his life. So go your ways, and be kind, be truthful, be brave, be just in all your dealings, and he who does these things will be the owner of the true ring.”
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