As I Finish Off Q1 2010...."Just Beyond Impossible"

There have been many challenges.....but there are always opportunities...and this "Thought For the Week" courtesy of my Friend Jim Holden is a fitting close to a tough quarter and hope for better and brighter days ahead:

Just beyond impossible

When it seems like everything is breaking down, the time is ripe for a real breakthrough. In turmoil there is great opportunity.
When the only choice is to find a new way forward, you're in a great position to find that way. When you have nothing left to fall back on, you'll figure out how to move ahead.
What seems impossible is impossible only from your current perspective. Just beyond impossible is the chance to jump up to a higher level.
Imagine what you could accomplish if you were ten times as effective as you are right now. When circumstances are compelling enough, you are completely capable of making such a leap.
What challenges you, improves you. Whatever challenges you to the extreme can push you into a breakthrough.
Are you ready to move beyond impossible? Make your reasons meaningful enough, so that you have no other choice, and you will.
-- Ralph Marston
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