Healthcare: Why can't we have the Courage?

The debate over healthcare continues nonstop. I have tried to think about this and understand why we can't muster the courage to do something about a sector of the economy that is holding us back. I have been struggling to understand Senator Bauchus's rationale for his plan to "reform" healthcare. This piece on The Real News is telling:

More at The Real News

Senator Bachus on the one hand implores all to be "patient". Yet, he has refused to bring single payer into the debate and "claims" that it cannot pass. He does not bother to tell the rest of us why it won't pass, when HR676 has over 76 co-sponsors. It seems to me that courage seems to be lost when people get up to the pinnacle of power. I am also even more disappointed about Senator Bauchus talking from the both sides of his mouth. Change has to occur. Our future economic health depends on it. I wonder if the political hunchos understand it.
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