History In the Making

I have been thinking about the week ahead. All of us are Witness to History. People are anxious and concerned. I wrote about it as I was visiting with my students to reflect upon it. Here is an excerpt:

"...The week ahead will be quite exciting and enjoyable. I wrote about being an ordinary "Witness To history" in a few days ago to underscore the historical nature of what we're faced with. I am sure that some may well not have agreed with my views due to their partisan nature. I am continually inspired by the chance to begin anew and look to the future. The inauguration of our new President gives all of us a chance to do so.

I view the transition as nothing but a blessing. Many countries in our world are not as blessed as we are because of wars, hunger and famine. We have economic difficulities--that's for sure. But, the idea of a peaceful transition of power where the man giving up the power gives it up willingly and embraces his successor never, ever seizes to amaze me......King Day is tomorrow. I have signed up to attend a local food drive in my community to underscore the calling by the President-Elect to step up and get involved. We have much to celebrate in America. Let us embrace the possiblities......"

Of all the hope that I have as we embark on this new era, I took special comfort in what David Brooks of the New York Times said at today's Meet the Press. The challenges are enormous, but the opportunity to transform this country is enormous. The goodwill is there. The key is transform that goodwill into policies that would change this country. As always, I found the discussions on Meet the Press insightful:

Tavis Smiley talked about the need to have a modern day Frederick Douglas. I don't claim to be that by any means. But, I plan on developing my ideas and reflecting upon as an "ordinary face" and an "outsider" precisely because ordinary people need to have a voice to express their views and realize the potentials. The Obama Transition Project apparently recognized it when it embraced the very power of the internet to solicit ideas and to report back on those ideas. change.gov and usaservice.org is the first of what I hope are many ways to work to somehow bring all the people who have somehow felt left out. That's the promise as America's new era begins anew.
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