Zimbabwe, The Economic Implosion & The Future

There was a ray of hope. Zimbabwe finally started on the road to recovery. I have written extensively about it. I sincerely hope that the people of Zimbabwe will overcome their mistrust. There is still a lot of mistrust and fear. Although I was mad at the decision of the European Union and the United States to kee the sanctions in place, I do agree that it is still fragile. But, we have to encourage this process further.

As for the economic implosion, Lehman died today. Merrill Lynch was relegated to the dustbin of history. John Thain, Merrill's CEO, got the best deal he could get. 24,000 people will lose their jobs at Merrill. AIG appears to be the next domino right now.

What does the future hold? No one knows. The uncertainty will creep up like a cancer.

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Anonymous said...

As things are on their way to looking better, it seems that we are coming to an end of an era...sad one though. I have a friend that, I guess, use to work for the Lynch and I feel bad for him. He learned alot but what an end to it. But what about that CEO...cna you say severance package??? Good luck to those 24,000 people.

Scary future for us!