Our Blessings......

In the United States, we are in the midst of a vibrant and exciting political campaign. With the addition of the Governor of Alaska, it has given a shot in the arm and elevated the level of interest. Although this is the third day of the official campaign, basically the race has become a dead heat. I note this based on all the daily tracking poll from everyone. There are so many polls out there that is quite tough to track them.
Despite the calls for civility, the attacks have begun. The Wall Street Journal had a story on Joe Biden's son, Hunter working for MBNA. There also continues to be stories about Barack Obama and Chicago. There is also stories about Sarah Palin and Alaska. Although, Sarah Palin's coverage has been quite favroable so far.
Despite all the political comings and going, we still have a lot to be thankful for. This was especially self-evident during the first day of school. As I thought about it, I remembered what happened in Belsan, Russia. Over 150 children died when terrorists attacked the school. The Beslan community has never been the same. We must indeed count our blessing and remember that if and when we disagree, it is becuase we care just as much about our world and respect the points of views of others. I wonder if that belief is realistic or not. But we have to continue to aim for it during this campaign and future campaigns.
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