As Kids Get Back in School.....

I can't believe Summer to be over. It went by like a flash. But, it was a summer full of exciting events. And now, in the United States, we have a really competitive election which will probably decide what direction the United States will take for at least ten years.

The planet that sustains us continues to be in peril. This week saw Gustav wreck havoc on the U.S Gulf Coast. Before that, there was of course, Fay. The world seems to wake up and realize the challenge before us.

What about technology? Google seems unstoppable. They truly seem to want to drive Microsoft out of business. Supposedly, today is the day that Chrome, Google's answer to Firefox and Internet Explorer, is due to be released. I have been digging around to try and find it. But, it looks like Google has not turned on the lights yet.

The world also seems to be as dangerous and unstable as ever. Thailand's Prime Minister has declared Marshal Law in the capital, Bangkok. Pakistan has been on fire. The Army has declared a seize fire during the holy month of Ramadan. But, the underlying problems still remain. Afghanistan is also another raging fire that seems to be out of control. Iraq seems to be reasonably calm. Japan's Prime Minister just resigned. India will have to call a General Election within the next six to nine months. Canada and Europe are about to be faced with a recession. So, we are living in a very, very dangerous world.

I am anxious, nervous and concerned.
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