Yearning For Enlightened Leadership

As an outsider and an ordinary face, I have continued to be concerned about the state of our economy. Everything seems to be falling apart. When GM announced the massive loss that it did, it dawned on me that all of us need to go back to the basics. For manufacturers, it means understanding the true marketplace (why we build, avoid "happy talk" swat analysis to satisfy the short-term egos of fat cat executives) and why we should be looking to the future. Our business leaders must take this advise from this little scene back in 1954. What was discussed then is so true now. I only wish this lesson was learnt by Rich Wagoneer, Allan Mulchally, Bill Ford, Bob Nardelli and the rest of the gang who have ran the American Auto Industry to the ground. It also helps for the political leaders to take this advise so that they are able to prepare the country to make the tough choices.

It is still not late....At least I hope it isn't....

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