May we live in interesting times!!!!

To this "ordinary face", the amazement of how the world works takes my breath away. I do yearn for a time where leaders truly care, tell me the way it is and will not look for the own interests to perpetuate their own power and privilege. We in the United States are blessed because our political leaders are subject to so much scrutiny. The prosecution of Bob Ney and the indictment of Ted Stevens are just one example. As the week of the Democratic convention begins, there will be a lot of talk about the ordinary folks who are suffering. All speakers will claim to speak for us. As I listen and reflect, what I will look for is simply whether they will truly live up to their rhetoric or not. The two Presidential candidates, in my view, represent what is best about America. One can be passionate about either one. The pundits will continue to analyze their every move. Whatever the pundits say, it will be that simply ordinary guy in the voting booth that will make the call. We must remember it, respect it, nurture it and fight for it. As I see it, that is our obligation.
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