John Edwards: A Personal Sense of Shock and Disappointment

When John Edwards burst on the national scene, I became a fan!! He was eloquent, he was a "fresh" face and was in fact in the position Barack Obama was now. Making the "right" moves gave him an opening to launch his bid for the Presidency in 2004. He ended up as John Kerry's running mate. They did lose the elections to George W. Bush. But, John Edwards resurrected himself as a populist and began his campaign to combat poverty in America. He talked about two Americas. He was ridiculed by conservatives, but his message went to the core of where this country was to go. He understood that there were many who were not as fortunate and needed the opportunity. That's why he went to the country and reminded the country of it.

I heard him speak at the California Democratic Convention in San Diego last year. I could sense his passion and his committment. I was a proud contributor to his blog because the forum exercised that sense of democracy that other campaigns (including Senator Obama's) have learnt from and have adapted. When he withdrew and subsequently decided to formally endorse Senator Obama, I remember driving and had to pull over to listen to it. It was one of the most eloquent speeches I had heard. It clearly laid out a compelling case for Barack Obama to be elected President of the United States. Little did I know how he was to betray all that he had done.

I read his statement, briefly listened to his interview on ABC and read Mrs. Edwards' statement. It is a tragedy for him and his family. I do hope that Mrs. Edwards realizes how profoundly disappointed those of us who believed in Senator Edwards were because of his sin. It showed a total lack of judgement. If he was the Democratic Nominee, the Democrats would have been doomed. On this very fact, I agree with the Pundit Corp (which is my new term for the punditry that are on television every day and every week). I would be extremely surprised if Senator Edwards comes back on the National Scene. I only hope that he would at least work feverishly to redeem himself by the work he has continued to do to elevate the level of discourse on Poverty. I wish him well.
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