An Interesting Week...Yet Again...

We saw off an interesting week. The economic slowdown is continuing which is a bit of good thing due to a change in demand. The Dollar is starting to strengthen yet again. Oil has falling almost 25%. Commodities are starting to fall rapidly. Gold has fallen below $ 800. The Fed seems to be the hero right now. The question in my mind is whether the potential free fall in the economy may have been averted and we would look forward to a period of reasonable growth.

The Presidential Campaign continues to be in full swing. Barack Obama and John McCain talked to Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. The questions Pastor Warren had were not "softball" at all. I talked about it at length in my current affairs blog, http://www.outsiderviews.com. It was a civil discourse, although Senator McCain seemed to be more prepared and direct. Senator Obama seemed more deliberative in his thoughts. It was a discussion that I enjoyed. It was a discussion that was necessary.

The party nominating conventions will start in about a week. The pundits are continuing their analysis of who is going to be VP, how will the Clintons play their cards and how the campaigns will fare after the elections. The Saddleback Forum proved to me the reason why the election is so close. It will be quite fascinating to watch and write about.

As for the world, Georgia and Russia went at it. The foolish move by the President of Georgia continues to baffle me. Iran, of course, surprised me yet again. The country launched the delivery mechanism for the delivery of a satellite. It has entered the space age. This is just one image I have noted that was broacast by the Iranian State Broadcaster: (source: http://www.irna.com, retrieved August 17, 2008):

We certainly do live in interesting times....
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