The Role of the Global Media

As I have been reading and reflecting upon the week that passed, my level of frustruation became ever more. I continued to think about why I began this lifelong labor of love called OrdinaryFaces and its' companion, outsiderviews.
I wanted to challenge myself and have a forum to express what is before us and what the possiblities are. I became tired of the hyprocacy and the continued lies being fed to me. I thought about the problems and the challenges. Media is global. When it is global, it has a profound sense of responsbility. That responsbility has been forgotten. I am one of many who will continue to speak up. Newspapers are losing their focus. Companies like Tribune are on a fire sale. There are still some companies who try and live up to their committment. The one that comes to mind is McClathy. Television continues to be ever more dominant. That's why the internet and the forums given to citizen/commentators like I must continue to be forever free from domination by the big global players.

Tariq Ali's Talk at McGill University last year directly addressed this issue. Here is an overview of it. The struggle continues for the sake of the future.

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