May we live in interesting times.......And This week was no different!!!

We had a shortened week in the United States. This is the week that we in the United States celebrated Independence day. There is not to celebrate, though. We are fighting in two major wars half-way around the world with no end in sight. People continue to die for an objective that seems to change. The word we get out of the Administration is that we have to "win". But the definition of winning has never been made clear to me at least. The only people who are sacrificing are the people on the front lines who are fighting and dying every day.

The Presidential campaigns are in full swing. We are subject to the "build-up" of a brand as if we're trying to decide between Coke and Pepsi. The McCain campaign just changed the management of its' campaign. The new guy is the guy who navigated the successful re-election of the Present Governor of the State of California. Whatever the "message", we're looking at four more years of George W. Bush. We're looking at more tax breaks for the rich, market-based solutions for health care (under the so-called guise of choice) and more military spending. Whether Senator Obama is able to insure that the people of the United States understand that suffered a bit of a blow this week when he had to "clarify" his remarks on refining his Iraq policy. I sense and understand the pragmatism of this statement. He has to be steadfast and insure that he is not swiftboated either by his supporters or opponents. It is a tough thing to do.

Moving down South, Ingrid Betancourt was freed along with 14 other hostages by the Colombian Army. President Uribe of Colombia pulled off a master stroke, with the support of the United States. But, some of the underlying problems in Colombia remain. Kidnappings continue. The drug trade continues to grow unabated. There has to be a different way. There has to a way that will insure that the average person can work to grow and evolve. According to what I have read, things are getting better in Colombia. But, being better is still not good enough. The people deserve a lot more.
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